Christiansted March 3 to Frederiksted. Backstamped Christiansted same date. Mailed within the 1 cent stamp depletion period.

Cover sent to "Little Princesse" (actually spelled without an e at the end) which was a large estate primarily involved in sugar and rum production. Cancelled Frederiksted February 27 and arrival cancel Christiansted same day February 27.

Cover sent to the manager of the Colonial Bank in Frederiksted. Cancelled Christiansted February 20 and backstamped upon arrival same day Frederiksted February 20.

Mourning cover canceled Frederiksted February 17. The St. Croix Post Offices had depleted their stock of 1 cent stamps. There are only two morning cover known with a bisected stamp.
The cover is sent to Bassin the local name for Christiansted. There are only two known mourning covers with a bisected 4 cents.

Please refer to the page OTHER ROUTES  to see the other known mourning cover.

Frederiksted May 26 1903 sent to Christiansted. Very late usage